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Choosing a Good Spa Management Software

A spa is a place where people go to relax and at the same time, seek beauty treatments services. Some of this treatments such as massage have several health benefits and are therefore regarded as important. Other services provided in a spa includes manicure and pedicure, facials, body treatments, etc. Managing a spa requires managerial skills as well as beauty skills. There are available software a smooth running of a spa in the market today. Below is a discussion of some of the characteristics of an effective spa management software.

The software should be able to book client’s appointments instead of booking manually. A good software should allow the clients to view available slots so that they can make online bookings anytime and at the comfort of their homes. The software should also be able to remind the customer about the booked appointments days before the appointment day. Employees can also be able to see the customers booked for them as well as plan their days.
The software should keep a record of all spa inventories as well as update whenever a new product or asset is keyed in the system. The same software should be able to alert the user responsible for inventories anytime the supplies are running low. Timely products replenishment will ensure he spa runs smoothly with no disruptions resulting to lack of products for use. The spa software should be able to give inventory reports and alerts when stock counts are due.

The management can also use the spa software for finance and accounting purposes such as running the payroll. The module can also be used in calculating commissions for employees as well as bonuses.

Since the software handles several departments, it should be able to report the performance of each department, pinpointing the ones doing well and the ones that need improvement.

The marketing department can also utilize the spa software and use it to market the business, by regularly sending emails or messages with details of available offers, promotions, etc. The spa can also use the system to create a loyalty program where customers will be awarded with loyalty points after every service offered. The spa system should allow the client to redeem the points as payment for a service rendered when need be.

A good spa management software should incorporate several modes of payments, from credit card, cash, etc.

It is important to have a backup of clients contacts for use in times when you require to send promotional messages, therefore ensure you get a software that captures and stores the details. It is also important to keep a record of all the vendors contacts, as well as the product each vendor supply in the system.

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