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Factors Affecting Shopping Frequency

Other than the food and diapers, there are several other expenses at home that every working mom has to consider. A budget for clothing is one of the expenses that have to be anticipated. With kids moving around too much and growing up so fast, it is no wonder that there is always a need to shop for new clothes.

Here are a few things that most women’s magazine and online blogs would count as factors that would impact the way you allocate a budget for your kids’ clothing.


The amount of money you earn always has bearing over the expenses you make. It is expected for families of higher income that they are the ones who don’t mind allocating more on their clothing. These wealthy mothers would never allow their kids to be seen looking impoverished and neglected so they always go for high-end clothing style. These parents can go shop at Nickis for luxury products that are always in style.

Low income families are less likely to shop at Nickis as they are into looking for cheaper alternatives when shopping for clothes. Shopping is also not their main priority as they understand that there are other important expenses to consider.

Age Bracket of Kids

The age of their kids would also have a bearing on how frequent parents would shop for clothes. For infants, parents are likely to spend more as babies tend to outgrow their clothes in no time. The same is also expected when their kids start to play outside and be more active. It is expected that clothes can easily get damaged as kids are usually just everywhere.

Parents are more relaxed when it comes to shopping when their kids are already teenagers. Shopping might not be a necessity at this age. The only thing is, if their kids are so into fashion, they are likely to always ask for new things to wear.

Curricular Needs

The school where you send your kids to may also be a factor when it comes to budgeting for your kids’ clothing. There are educational institutions that require a uniform that can only be purchased from the school itself. The price of these uniforms can potentially be higher if it’s just sourced from one location.

Peer pressure can also be a factor as kids wouldn’t want to be seen in school wearing the same outfit every day. You don’t really have to give to their request right away, it is always best to teach your kids the value of being thrifty and practical.

It is always a personal choice when it comes to the amount of money every parent spends on their kids’ clothing. However, it wouldn’t hurt if at an early age you also start educating your kids to be practical.