Managed IT Services For Local Businesses

In Texas, outsourced IT services provide local companies with invaluable services. Throughout outsourcing, the companies save money each month. Each service they need to available to them at a flat-rate fee. This fee is minimal, and the company can change their services at any time. Proactive tech solutions present companies with everything they need to operate their company at an affordable price.

Setting Up a Network

The outsourced service provider builds a network for the company and manages it. The company receives a network administrator through the managed service plan. The administrator reviews all connections to the network on a daily basis. This assists them in stopping attacks and prevents intruders from accessing or corrupting any data stored within the network.

Adding New Users to the System

The network administrator sets up credentials for all workers within the building. Each worker is assigned a security level that dictates what areas of the network they can access. This includes the servers and specific software that is used by key personnel. All user accounts are monitored and a log is generated each time the workers are on the network. This allows the network administrator to track any unauthorized use of the system.

Data Storage and Disaster Recovery

Data storage is managed through the off-site staff. They utilize storage media to backup the data systems. All storage devices are kept off-site to prevent a data breach or theft of these items. The managed services include a disaster recovery plan in the event that any on-site systems are damaged during a natural disaster or denial of service attack.

Information Systems and Training Options

New information systems are installed for the company as well. They are compliant with federal standards and utilize the latest technology. The consultant can provide training programs for workers whenever new systems are installed.

In Texas, local companies can get the most out of their resources by using an off-site staff. The opportunity allows them to save money by utilizing outsourced services. This keeps overhead low and gives the owner the chance to control their spending. Companies that want to know more about these services contact a consultant right now.