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Learn More About Secondary Air Injection Systems

Have you ever heard about secondary air injection system? But it is a few people who understand more about vehicles who do not know what this means. But most ordinary people do not know more about this system. By reading this article, you are going to learn more about the secondary air injection systems.

The system that injects air into the exhaust stream to allow full combustion of unburnt fuel is what we call Secondary air injection system is a system. This is an emission control strategy for the vehicles. This strategy working method depends on the way injection of air occurs into the exhaust stream. It also depends on the point that air used to enter the exhaust system. This has not been the same in the cause of revolution of technology.

The first systems used to inject air into the exhaust …

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Fundamentals of Toyota Secondary Air Injection System

If you own a car or have the driving access to a vehicle, you must be knowing that the Toyota injection system carry fuel from the lift pump and deliver it to the fuel supply lines or the fuel gallery but it has been found that the recent diesel fuel injection pumps contain insufficient lubricity.As the injection pumps are devices of extremely high end technology with a very insignificant precision, the functional issues are one most common problem in this system.

As per the technicians, the competency of any Toyota secondary air injection system on their regular working days.However, the oil full of impurities causes a lot of damage to the injection system and as a consequence to the whole engine.That is the ground as to why most people are now opting for the p7100 pumps to get an inbuilt purifier system and …